Tired of losing your tennis dampener ?

Discover Clipme, the dampener you really need.

Made of premium quality material, it was smartly designed. It simply can't drop off your racket.

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced player, it's the new dampener you definitely need.



The dampener that never falls off your racket.


Always Stays on

Its smart and innovative design allows it to remain on the racket no matter what.

Don't be afraid to lose your dampener anymore.


Reduced Shock absorption

In addition to remaining on the racket strings, the dampener provides an amazing dampening effect.

The ball impact feels much softer compared to a standard dampener.


Premium quality

Due to the high quality silicone selection, the duration of the dampener is optimal.

You can use it for several years without any loss of quality.

Available in 6 more colours

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